Wanna Know The Beauty & Fitness Secret Of National Crush !!!!!

There is no doubt that in present time Disha Patani is one of the top actress of Bollywood. But thats not the end she is also very hot & sexy has a fabulous fitness. She is often recognized as the National Crush. Today we are reveling the top secrets the 25 year old sensation spilled out during an interview.


She said that workout and water are the two main factors for her skin to glow and also she told that a good face cleanser and a moisturiser is a must. She believes that cleansing and hydrating is extremely important, especially with the environment’s condition and the pollution around.


When asked about her silky beautiful hair she said conditioning is very important, when it comes to hair. One should oil hair on a regular basis for hair nourishment.
She told she de-stresses herself after a long day work by washing her face with a good cleanser and then dab some rose water on her face. She does this before she head to bed.


When asked about her beauty manta she said ”I think diet plays an important role before any beauty and skincare regime. Taking care of what you eat and drinking lots of water throughout the day always come first”
And when asked about her favourite Do It Yourself (DIY) beauty fix she replied ”I like using face masks, especially the ones that peel off. These ones are easy to use. And for an instant glow—I like to use Pond’s BB cream. It’s easy to carry and helps to get ready for anything instantly.” And she also said that she don’t go for so called beauty treatments.
She told about five essentials in her beauty pouch :-

  • Face wash
  • Cold Cream
  • Rose Water
  • Lip Balm
  • Mascara                                                                                                                                                                   


About her beauty diet she said I like lots of greens on my plate and I snack on fruits. And not forget, drinking lots of water.”

For her everyday routine she told ” For hair, almond oil is something I like to use—as it’s nourishing. And like I’ve discussed earlier, moisturising face plays an important role in skincare. I always apply a moisturiser before I leave for the day and before sleeping.”
And at last when asked about tips she would like to share with her fans she told ”Eat healthily, drink lots of water and don’t forget to cleanse and hydrate your skin!”

Source :- Times Now 

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