Myths And Facts About Radiation That Will Blow Your Mind

Myths And Facts About Radiation is in everyone’s mind. In this article we are going to reveal some amazing myths and facts about radiation that people think is extremely hazardous for human health.

Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through space and can able to penetrate various materials. It can be in the form of heat, sound and light. But every kind of radiation is not hazardous.

As we all are living in a new era of technology almost everything around us is emitting radiation. That mean our life must be in danger, but it’s not really true. As you know every kind of radioactive wave is not harmful for our body.

As you can see from the picture there are two categorys of radiation, the radiation that can harm our body are known as ionizing radiation these are emitted from ultra violet rays, x-rays and gamma rays. These radiations are of high energy. Whenever a wave of high energy strikes on an atom then it pushes out some of the electrons from that atom. The atoms of ionizing radiation are unstable atoms have an excess of energy or mass or both. The second type of radiation is known as non-ionizing radiation these are of low energy and can’t harm human body. Power lines, Radio & cell phone, microwave, infrared lights, visual lights are some example of non-ionizing radiation. The atoms of the non-ionizing radiation are very stable.

There are some of the myths about radiations that some people think:-

  •  We should not put our cell phones near us while sleeping.
  •  Should not use cell phone while charging.
  •  Do not keep cell phone near our heart.

These all are just meaning less. There is no any scientific fact behind these myths. We all can freely use our all electronic devices without any issue.

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