How To Be A Modern Day Bill Gates

Bill gates has told that if a person is born poor then it’s not his mistake but if he dies poor then it’s totally his mistake. Bill gate is the one of the richest man in the world, but he did not born rich he was a son of a poor wood cutter. He is an extraordinary entrepreneur but struggled a lot in his life.

After reading this article you will get a clear cut concept about:-

  • How to be a rich person
  • Where to invest and how to invest
  • How do successful entrepreneur think
  • Difference between job, business and investment

Money is very important for a person to stay on this planet. But how much and how is a big question? When a concept of earning money comes then most of the people think that job is better option. Yes of course it is but it’s not the only option to earn money. A corporate job can just provide you a platform where you can earn some penny. Let’s discuss some of the points that will change your concept.

How to be a rich person:-

There are basically two ways of generating income, active source of income & passive source of income. Active source of income means jobs or self-employment and passive source of income means business or investment. In active source if we will stop doing work then our income will not be generated but in passive source if even we stop working they also our income will be generated. That means passive source of income is more convenient then active source of income. All the billionaire’s who had got success in his life has got success from either business or investment. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then you need to focus on the second source of income this will boost you earnings and can change your life.

Where to invest and how to invest:-

Investment in some case is more effective than a business. To be a great investor we need not to have a high IQ we just need to strong our fundamentals. To be a better investor we need to think like a real investor. Before investing we should do a total research on the company we are going to invest. Inflation is a major cause for drop down in our income. Never stock money in home always try to invest it. Investment can be done in many places like in mutual funds, share bazar, stock market, and in many more places but a perfect investment should be in those fields about which we have a good concept. Because this reduces the risk of our failures.

How do successful entrepreneur think:-

The successful entrepreneur contemplates everything in a different way. There prospective of seeing this world is different from others. They are full of positive nature. Where ever they go or whatever they see, they always try to find out something that is useful for them. This is the remarkable quality of a great entrepreneur. To be a successful entrepreneur we need not to be very intelligent. We just need to change our prospective of contemplating this world.

Difference between job, business and investment:-

Job is good, business is better and investment is the best. Job is such source of income for which you are dependent on someone else terms and conditions but in a business or investment, you have your own freedom. Am not saying that job is not good, of course it’s good but not in every condition. Now days there are huge crises of job. Most of the people who have a good education and a better degree and sitting at home. In upcoming year this situation is going to be worst. As we all know in every field machines are been widely use, and in coming years a time will come when machines will take over maximum job opportunities and at that time we would have no choice.

So to protect our future we need to take some serious actions, and the only option we have that can save our future is business & investments. This is the fact but today we are ignoring it, but a time will come when there will be no choice lift and we will be helpless.

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