Artificial Intelligence Can Make Poverty A History?

We are always hearing that artificial intelligence is dangerous for humanity as Hollywood movies inspire us. But have you ever heard or wondered that artificial intelligence can make poverty a history? Yes, its possible now to know how read our artificial intelligence article below.

artificial intelligence

Today due to ai intelligence amazon recommends items based on your browsing and purchase history. After analyzing your online profile Facebook knows your behavior and based on that it presents you with targeted ads. And artificially intelligent smartphone apps respond to queries, recognize faces in photographs, and help you remember where you parked your car.

But scientists not only see AI as a tool to predict our everyday needs but also they see that AI could play a mojor role in solving some of the most social and economical issues. United Nations calls Poverty today’s greatest global challenge and scientists are making use of AI’s data-mining ability in the fight against poverty.

artificial intelligence

To fight poverty first we have to know where it occurs. In developed nations its easy to identify by surveys and census data(population count). But in developing nations its hard to do and also very costly and not so effective.

You have seen in recent times that space agencies are launching satellite images of planet in nighttime. And the regions that glow in night are considered as wealthy and vice versa. But this is not a right measure to identify the poverty area. According to Stanford University economist Marshall Burke “Instead of us who are handling the data and telling the computer what features to look for, we wanted to allow the computer to figure it out on its own,” Burke says.

artificial intelligence

How do they perform it?

To do this, Burke and his team inserts an algorithm for both nighttime and daytime images. The images are from Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi, and Rwanda all of which have household survey data available. Then they instructed the algorithm to find features in the daytime imagery that are related to places that are lit up at night.

The model found numerous features that relate to such things as agricultural regions, bodies of water, and urban areas. But also various elements that were hard to understand. Some features, Burke says, “were patterns to the eye that don’t look like anything we recognize, but they’re patterns that the model found useful.”

The researchers then inserts the computer the survey data and instructed it to predict the distribution of poverty throughout the countries. In all the cases the algorithm finds 81 % to 99 % more accurately than a nightlight-only model.

artificial intelligence

With this kind of information, governments could monitor economic well being in various parts of the world. And evaluate the results of antipoverty programs, Burke says. The satellite imagery & AI can also identify the areas which require the most aid.

That is why artificial intelligence programming is very important discussion today. And scientists are working day and night around the world to make best artificial intelligence.

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