Five Quick Tips To Mastering Communication Skill

Hello friends as we all know Communication skill is very important for a person to  communicate with others. A man with a good communication skill is respected every where. So am going to share some powerful techniques which will help you to improve your communication skill and will make you a better communicator.

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TECHNIQUE NO 1 : The flooding smile

Always pass a smile when ever you see anyone no matter if he or she is younger or elder then you. The advantage of this is that when ever you will smile by seeing a person in return you will get a smile by that person on his face. This will make a good image of yours in front of other people. This increases your attractiveness and confidence. This also decreases blood pressure and stress by which your health will be good.

NOTE :- Flooding smile does not means that when ever you see anyone you smile instantly this is totally wrong. First of all you should look at the face of a person and after 2-3 seconds pass a smile because slow smile looks more genuine then the fast smile.



Always remember when ever you talk or communicate with others always look into the eye of the person you are talking with. Eye contact is very important because this shows that you are showing interest in the person.



Try to understand the mood of the person before starting your conversation. If the person is sad or in low mood then don’t talk with to much excitement. Start your conservation with their level and then bring it up. This can make the mood of the person good. Now when the mood of the person is changed from sad to good then your conversation will last long.



When ever you start talking with someone never give one line reply to the some of the common questions like “what do you do” or where do you live” etc. Try to say things which can help to continue conversation.

EXAMPLE :- If you meet a new person or friend then obviously you both will like to know about each other. When your new friend asks you “where do you live” then you should not have to reply him directly. First of all you should think some of the interesting facts about that place where you live, then after you should reply him along with the interesting facts. This will develop an attraction towards yourself.

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When you are talking with a person and after sometime a situation comes where you don’t know what to say, then at that time you have to do nothing just you have to repeat some of the words of the person you are talking with. Many of the time people need a reply to continue conversation. “PARROTING” fulfills that need in as easy way.


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At last but not least. I can bet you friends if you will follow these tips then you will become a tremendously good communicator that can impress any body by his words. And as you all know a person with a better communication skill is respected and loved everywhere.

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